Unstoppable U - 5 day challenge
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5 day challenge - (JUST for LMTs!) for overcoming shyness or fear of putting yourself out there - whatever is holding you back in practice building! 

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some inner work.
RESULTS: freedom, a sigh of relief, and unstoppability!

YOU GET: access to our closed facebook group to share, learn, and support, and a kick-butt coach to help you serve up life-changing paradigm shift after paradigm shift via an amazing process called The Work of Byron Katie. No experience required. 

You've got nothing but baggage to lose - so buckle up and let's get going. 

MY PROMISE TO YOU: If you show up every day and do the work on ONE belief from start to finish, every day for five days, I promise you will discover a new level of self-expression and freedom to be YOU. 

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