I love NEW PARENTS! You are expecting a baby and there is just nothing cooler than that. I celebrate the miracle with you!


Now - I also know that the pregnancy-birth-baby journey can be crrrrraaaaaazy. That's OK... I am here to help!

As a Birth Doula, I explain to expectant parents that a big part of my job is to be your guide through the wilderness, or maybe The FireSwamp...perhaps the Himalayan Trek... maybe The Valley of the Shadow of Death? Whatever word or phrase you have for that scary, new, unfamiliar territory you might be excited about, but actually have no clue how it's all going to play out. 

Some women say "Oh, I don't need a doula (aka a guide) - I have my husband and he's a really helpful guy."

To which I say, "That's so great! I love it when men/partners are gung-ho about birth! And.... if you guys were going skydiving together for the first time, you probably want an experienced pilot and skydiver to take you through that journey....yeah? Would he know what to do if the wind currents change? If the plane has trouble? Or if the parachute doesn't open? Would he know what to do and have lots of experience at his fingertips so that it's like second nature? Or - would he panic and need a little help himself?"

So.... yeah. See what I'm sayin'?

We know many first time parents are super confident and super excited and super prepared for birth. 

But please, just recognize, you have never done this before. River rafting is also fun and exciting and rewarding, but you really should go with someone who knows the terrain. 

First Time Birth = unfamiliar terrain. Sometimes it's perfect, sometimes it's treacherous. My point: Get a guide. AN EXPERIENCED ONE! Someone you love and trust AND has mad skilllz in the birthing arena!

Anyway, WELCOME!!!! I'm your guide!!!

If you feel lost in a sea of information and advice, you have come to the right place. I am going to make it really simple for you to find the best information you need to have a birth experience that is ECSTATIC... not traumatic. You deserve it. 

Courses available for you:

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