Salt Lake Prenatal Massage University offers top-notch training in the field of prenatal massage, labor massage, postpartum massage and more.

If you are a massage therapy student currently enrolled in massage school, or if you are a licensed massage therapist seeking training in prenatal massage, you've come to the right place!

We offer courses and clinical internships that give you both the knowledge and experience to confidently deliver quality massage therapy for childbearing women. 

Available Courses:

Pregnancy Massage BASICS - What EVERY massage therapist should know about working with pregnant women

This foundational course is for the massage therapist or massage therapy student who wants to stop being afraid of pregnant clients! Whether you work in a spa, in a massage office, or in private practice, you are BOUND to encounter the occasional pregnant woman in your practice or in your job.

The feedback I’ve heard in my career with pregnant women is that when they go elsewhere for a massage and the therapist just doesn’t seem comfortable working with them. DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!!!

The vast majority of therapists are scared, misinformed, and confused - or just curious to learn more about pregnancy massage. This basic course will dispel the many myths and misconceptions surrounding pregnancy massage so that you don’t have to worry about what to do when you have a pregnant client on your table.

This online course covers the following: 

  • Getting on the same page: how much do you actually know about pregnancy massage?
  • Really, a massage can put someone in labor? Clearing up the vast array of myths and misconceptions
  • Stop, Go, or Proceed with Caution? a discussion on  common contraindications and precautions; what every LMT should know about pregnant anatomy and the conditions that may arise; when to worry and when to proceed with confidence
  • Communicating like you're Birth Savvy - the basic vocabulary you must understand to be confident and competent with pregnant women (including a few things you should NEVER EVER say!)
  • How to PROPERLY position clients for maximum comfort, and the equipment you MUST have access to. Practice with setup, draping, turning over, and the TWO THINGS you MUST do to make your pregnant clients REALLY happy.

This course is NOT a comprehensive maternity massage certification, but rather, a more in-depth look at the BASICS of working with pregnant women. If you want to understand pregnancy and birth so you can better serve those occasional expectant moms who cross your path, this is the course for you!  (For comprehensive maternity massage education, please check out our other course offerings)

Includes certificate of completion and course guidebook.

Cost is $89. 


Instructor: Rebecca de Azevedo Overson, LMT. Myotherapy College Graduate, 1995. Founder/Owner of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. Birth Doula, Maternity Massage Specialist, Fertility Massage Specialist. Mama of two boys born at home.

Maternity Massage Specialist Training, Module 1  $499; get $100 off when paid in full with Module 2)

This is an online course in the essentials of prenatal, labor, and postpartum massage therapy for licensed massage therapists and students. If you plan on specializing in pregnancy massage, this is the course for YOU!

This course consists mostly of lecture, discussion, and demonstration. The hands-on portion is covered in Module 2 which is done in-person at our clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. Module 1 prepares you for the work we will do in module 2.

Course includes:

  • Dispelling the Myths of pregnancy massage

  • Benefits of maternity massage

  • General Guidelines for maternity massage

  • Skilled Positioning - Prone, Supine, Sidelying

  • Massage and Miscarriages

  • Stop Freaking Out About Foot Massage

  • The Craziness of Due Dates

  • Session guidelines and goals for each trimester

  • Stop, Go, or Proceed with Caution - contraindications and high risk clients

  • Hormones of pregnancy and what you MUST understand

  • What you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman (and what you SHOULD say instead)

  • The Basic pregnancy vocabulary every prenatal therapist MUST know  

  • Medical Pathway of Birth vs. Physiologic Pathway of Birth

  • Supplies and Office Considerations for Prenatal Massage

  • Natural Labor Stimulation - protocol, support, dialogues, resources for end-of-pregnancy

  • Postpartum Massage Overview

  • Post C-section Massage considerations

  • Docs, Doulas and Midwives - what you need to know about options for giving birth

Maternity Massage Clinical Applications/Internship, Module 2  $850 : This is a 3-day internship at our clinic in Salt lake city, utah. you will be working on our real clients, under supervision, where you will gain UNPARALLELED hands-on skills and experience to give you the CONFIDENCE to work with childbearing women. we know of no other course like this!

Completion of both modules is required for certification and to be listed on our website.

Hands-on skills including: 

  • the BEST low back/hip work ever
  • table set-up
  • draping
  • turning clients over
  • massage skills
  • all protocols including 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester massage
  • positioning: prone, supine, and sidelying massage,
  • Natural Labor Stimulation massage
  • Postpartum massage
  • checking for diastasis recti
  • client communication