You've taken your Birth Doula training.... now what? 

If you've ever wondered HOW to get going as a doula - and how to SUCCEED as a doula - you have come to the right place. 

And I SHOULD SAY.... I'm out to save Doulas from mediocrity and create an entire posse of SUPERDOULAS to unleash on the birthing world. 

what is a SuperDoula, you ask? It's a Doula with MAD SKILLS.

DOULAS that are so awesome that the doctors and nurses thank YOU for being there to support the birth. 

Interested in that kind of badassery?? Well then.....

I have two initial courses available. You can take them online, on demand, anytime. 

1) "Rookie Mistakes Doulas Make... and how to avoid them"  - This is a course for new AND experienced doulas. You will learn 11 secrets to being successful as a doula, and mostly, how to avoid the problems that you are bound to encounter in your career. 

The course includes 8 videos and PDF handouts/workbook, and a BONUS 30 min Q&A call with me, to get YOUR personal questions answered!  >>>Use the signup box  to get all the info on the course and to stay in the loop about other future offerings>>>

The videos you'll watch are from a live training I conducted with both new and seasoned doulas in attendance. They ALL reported immense value from the course, profound shifts in perspective, and made immediate changes in the way they operate. 

When you begin the course, please think about what you hope to accomplish out of your participation, and email the top three things to me: 

Once again, to get all the details and info about the course, use the cute little signup box up here. Just dooooo it. 


2) The SECRETS to getting your clients through labor + special Bonus: What's in MY birth bag?  - This is a video training conducted in 2013 with two of my staff doulas. It SKYROCKETED their confidence. Both are now successfully practicing on their own as Birth Doulas. 


About Me:

I'm Rebecca de Azevedo Overson. I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Utah (since 1995). I became a doula in 2010, quite by accident. I started Salt Lake Prenatal Massage in 2008, a few months after the birth of my second baby. I was bonkers about empowering women in birth, and my clients started asking me if I would be a doula for their births. I said HECK YES!! I started attending births before I received any formal birth doula training. 

I had well over 40 of my own doula clients in my first two years... paying full rates....have never done a birth for free...and I even had a client fly me to Denver for the birth of their daughter!

If you feel like you are struggling to have the kind of success you envisioned when you became a doula, I CAN HELP YOU THRIVE!

As a successful birth business owner, I am uniquely positioned to share with you some valuable tips and tools to propel you forward and get you unstuck from whatever is holding you back... and you don't even need to know what is holding you back. I'll help you discover it and free yourself from it.

The intention of my courses are to give you immediate tools and views you need in order to be empowered and successful as a doula, in your business endeavors AND in your client interaction. My insights are based on my direct observations of what ACTUALLY WORKS, and you'll have way more clarity and effectiveness as you move forward in your doula work.

NOTE: Everything I have to share with you is based on my own experiences as a doula and as someone who has employed and apprenticed doulas. I am not a “certified” doula, so there may be things I suggest that conflict with your code of ethics if you are a certified doula; if something doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to discard it or adapt it to your needs.