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Helloooo and WELCOME to 8 weeks of awesome practice building coaching and mentoring!

Rock Your Massage Practice Academy is an 8-week online training with me, Rebecca Overson LMT.  Why me? I sucked at massage business, failed after 8 years, then spent 5 years in business administration, and came back to massage and built a rockin' massage practice in record time. (That was in 2009, and the practice is still going today!)

You will create a thriving practice that you LOVE and be able to truly accelerate your business-mastery process.



  • 8 weekly learning modules with actions to take and homework (recorded)
  • 8 weekly LIVE Q&A calls (recorded)
  • Private Facebook group
  • Unlimited access to Rebecca via email and facebook for coaching and guidance
  • ALL the SECRETS I discovered that helped me build a thriving practice are YOURS! Use me UP! 

This is a brief overview of what you will be accomplishing in our work together: 

1.  Take inventory of what you are already doing that is NOT working and identify any potential mistakes (no website, need a better biz name, no strategy, etc.).

2. Define or discover a niche or specialty that LIGHTS YOU UP, and identify how to become a master in that area.

3. Identify and remove any limiting beliefs about money. You may even raise your rates and start to think differently about what you are actually charging for.

4. How to truly value your time and have clear policies in place that protect your time.

5. Implement my secrets to excellent communication skills - which are crucial for client satisfaction.

6. Be totally clear about the business and marketing tools you MUST have for credibility and visibility.

7. Set clear goals - financially and professionally - and you have a clear plan for what you must do to reach them. No more “guessing” and “hoping!”

8. Identify and implement mindsets, scripts, policies, procedures for all client interactions from prospects to regular clients.

You will know the marketing approaches that work and don't work, so that you are clear about what it takes to attract the right kinds of clients, get people to refer to you, get your clients referring to you and rebooking. You will know what it takes to have a steady stream of clients, and most importantly, you are DOING those things because you know they WORK!  At the end of 8 weeks you will be completely set up to have a thriving practice of your OWN. 

If you have any questions along the way, please just email me or post in our private facebook group and TAG me. 

I'm so glad you are here! :)